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Bonding on the Road and a Doggo Named Bachelor

I’ve been asked countless times how I manage to keep in touch with fellow travelers I’ve met from years or even a decade ago. Simple, curiosity breeds curiosity. Social media also tremendously helps. I’ve met Americans in Turkey, Brits in Russia, Japanese tourists on the islands, and many local acquaintances state to state. Ask enough questions, keep a smile on your face, and you’ll be bound to find commonalities with the world.

I recently took a ski trip out to Beaver Creek and Vail where I spent a little time skiing solo in between visits. What I enjoy most about skiers and boarders is that, a majority of enthusiasts are happy, curious, and like to get to know you on a 10 minute chair lift, or après with a drink outside by the fireplace. I strongly believe nature enhances openness and bonding.

I chatted with multiple Chicago mountain-seekers who long moved to Colorado, locals spending the day on the slopes, Virginians who couldn’t pass up a last minute fare to catch some pow, and a Mexican family who was visiting Vail for the first time. The family gave me suggestions for skiing in Argentina (Bariloche here I come!) If I run into my new friends multiple times, I’ll exchange social handles, if not, I’ll move on happy to have learned more about the world. Either way it is a win.

One buddy I met at Bachelors Gulch, who I set my eyes on weeks ago on Instagram will be a friend for life. His name is Bachelor, and the ladies drool over him more than he does. He usually comes out after the lifts are closed around 4pm, but I scouted out the GM to tell him that I was a big IG fan and guess what, my interest and curiosity aligned, and out came Bachelor just for me from the groomers, while I was there sipping on a hot chocolate and Baileys. Meow.

How do you break the ice with strangers in your travels? Would love to hear any stories you have. Hope the New Year is off to a tremendous start everyone!

X’s and O’s Erin


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