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Exhausted from Vacation?

That feeling that you need a vacation from your vacation is real! Ever feel that after you take a vacation to unwind from work and family routine, you regret ever going anywhere to begin with? Email flooded, voicemail full, appointments left hanging. Or that your carry-on bag is 10 pounds full of laptops, tablets, cell phones and chargers?

Consider Wellness Travel to free your mind and body from negativity. When you return you will enjoy reconnecting with friends and family, put positive effort into your work day and feel refreshed coming back from even a 4 day journey. Wellness trips are no longer for "hippies" or "yogis" looking to soul search. It is an opportunity to take a break from the urban environment and breath in nature and meditate. Or course there is still time to party with your girlfriends if you'd like at night!

Contact and we will help you find the right getaway (global or US) that incorporates yoga, spa, meditation, or your definition of "zen" into your getaway. You will not regret it!


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