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Happy International Beer Day!

Where ever you are in the world “hop” to your nearest pub and celebrate responsibly (or not, I’m not judging.) In honor of this day I am bringing to you the most popular beers by travel regions we specialize in. Have a question about another country? Send us a message or comment on your favs!


Not quite your craft beer destination but there are some unique brewpubs and beers to test out while you are done touring the hot streets of Istanbul this summer. The “bud” of Turkey is Efes and you will find it everywhere. Over the years they have branched out into a few additional flavors (i.e. Dark and Light versions.) If you are looking for something special, try out Bomonti, which was actually Turkey’s first beer, and is making a come back. This one is harder to find but I am told you can grab a pint at Joker no 19. If you want even more local, be on the hunt for Gara Güzü, from Muğla. Last seen at the United Pub.


Yes there is a microbrewery in the Galapagos! Very exciting and refreshing after a day playing with sea lions. If you make a night on Isla San Cristobal, check out Endémica’s blonde ale. Otherwise the rest of Ecuador typically serves, both Pilsener by Cervecería and Club Premium. Both pretty similar to one another.


Panama serves up watered down lagers throughout the country. Craft beer fans please set your expectations in advance or stick to the many cocktails served in this tropical local. The 2 main beers you will find in no particular order are, Cerveza Panama Lager and Balboa. Grab one or the other and sit on a beach somewhere. You’re welcome.


Another country with cheap, light, drinkable beers. Sometimes cheaper than water so drink up. The 3 beers you will find are: Toña a light beer that the locals tend to drink. Cerveza Premium, didn’t try this one as I stuck to Tona while I was traveling but it was more popular with the tourists. Victoria, Pale Lager, similar to Tona so I suggest purchasing whichever is cheaper at your bar of choice.

Ushuaia (no breweries in Antarctica…yet.)

If you are looking for a top shelf beer at the bottom of the world, Beagle is where it is at. The most southernmost brewery in the world (hello travel bucket list beer fans!) is at Cervesa Beagle. They have a Golden, Red, and Stout, all made with glacier water. How is that for ice cold?

California High

And finally, if you are not traveling internationally, and are in the California area, there is a new trend in town and it does not star hops. Lagunitas has introduced the first THC infused non-alcoholic beverage called Hi-Fi Hops. Beer and non-beer enthusiasts can enjoy this day together. See we all can get along.


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