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The Hidden Gem that is Albania's Riviera: 7 Seaside Hotels for First-Time Visitors

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Quietly tucked away in between Southern Italy and Northern Greece, Albania is an underrated gem in the tourism world. But not for long. It’s increasingly catching the attention of travelers who are eager to explore its pristine beaches, history, and stunning mountain views. For first-time visitors, the Albanian Riviera, with its turquoise waters and golden sands, is a must-see. Here are 7 wonderful seaside Albania hotels for an unforgettable experience.

Albania Hotel Beach Chairs

Dhërmi - Drymades Inn: Located in Dhërmi, Drymades Inn combines comfort with the allure of the Riviera. It offers modern rooms overlooking a private beach strip. Savor the local cuisine in their restaurant after a day spent in the sun in this wonderful Albania hotel stay.

Albania Hotel Tea Service

Sarandë - Hotel Butrint: Named after the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site, Butrint offers breathtaking sea views. It's your ideal Albania hotel base for exploring the city's historical sites, including the ancient ruins of Butrint.

Vlorë - Hotel Regina City: In the heart of Vlorë, Regina City offers luxury accommodations with a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea. Don't miss the seafood at their in-house restaurant.

Himarë - Beleri House: To feel like home, away from the crowds, Beleri House in Himarë offers cozy rooms and a friendly atmosphere. The gorgeous garden terrace is perfect for breakfast before heading out to the nearby beaches.

Albania Hotel Boat Service

Ksamil - Hotel Artur: Overlooking the Ionian Sea and situated just minutes away from Ksamil’s idyllic beaches, Hotel Artur combines comfort, affordability, and easy access to local attractions.

Hotel Uji I Panjes Llogara Log Cabins: How about a peaceful log-cabin stay? For nature enthusiasts, this hotel nestled in Llogara National Park offers stunning mountain and sea views. It's an ideal base for hiking, beach relaxation, and exploring the southern coast.

Sarandë - Santa Quaranta Premium Resort: This resort offers a private beach, spa, and fine dining options. Santa Quaranta is ideal for travelers looking for a touch of opulence. It is right by the Ferry Terminal which can take you to Corfu Island in Greece.

From resorts to cozy guesthouses, these hotels with a view offer something for every traveler. Is Albania on your short-list this year?


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