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(Not) Sick on Trips

Nymphenburg Palace - Munich, Germany

If you are like me, and have gotten sick or injured on a vacation, you know that preparation is key to enjoying your travels to the full extent!

Traveling with prescribed medication

This is usually allowed but make sure you check with any countries you are flying to, ensuring rules and regulations are met. The TSA does not require you to keep your pills in an official bottle, can inspect vs scan medicine if needed, and will allow you in advance to bring liquids over 3.4 ounces.

Seville Oranges in Spain

Immune boosting prep work

Herbals, vitamins, homeopathy – oh my! If crowded flights, germy transit, and older hotel rooms bring you anxiety, bringing some immunity boosters can help even if it is a placebo effect. I always like to bring a multi-vitamin or booster, probiotics (the non-refrigerated kind,) ginger for nausea, oregano oil pills, and if I’m really feeling nervous on long flight these Shark Tank famous nasal stick-ons are funny looking, discreet and worth it. A good friend swears by bringing whole pieces of ginger and garlic around the world with her!

First aid

When you are off traveling sometimes caution is thrown to the wind and injuries or colds happen. That shouldn’t stop you from exploring! Be prepared and make sure you bring pain aids, lozenges, band-aids, anti-histamine cream, and allergy meds to stay energized morning, afternoon and night. Having a pre-made bag specifically for travel that I can just grab and go is my MO - expiration dates need apply.

What are some ways you prep to make sure you don't slow down so that you can enjoy every moment of your vacation? And if you do slow down don't let that stop you from creating amazing memories.


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