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Post-Isolation Stir Crazy Stay-ish-cation Travel Tips in the US

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Quarantine Life has Eased Up Finally

I don’t know about you but the last couple weeks I’ve felt lighter as pandemic-phobia jitters are easing across much of the hard hit nation. If you are like me, the urge to safely explore feels like a ticking bomb inside my body, ready to brush aside sensibility to take a seat on the next flight out to anywhere. But a lot is still very unknown about the current spread of the pandemic, and history tells us another wave is inevitable.

Where is it Safe Enough to Travel Post Lockdown?

So what does one do? Many people I’ve spoken to are looking to get back to exploring the USA road trip style to continue practicing social distancing and avoiding high crowds. There is so much to do a few hours drive away that we never may have even

considered worthwhile. And the warmer climates and open roads make the reason to take a spontaneous road trip a no-brainer this summer.

Here are some tips if you are thinking, what do I do with my family, partner or small group of friends this summer and should I take a trip?


I personally do not recommend airfare unless you plan to spend a good amount of time in another location. If that is the case and you’re looking to stay put on the other side of the country this summer airlines are still booking seats and you can find affordable prices. Make sure you consult a travel agent to help ensure the flight/airline is in queue to keep the point to point destination active, the plane is as empty as you can reserve, and you have the flexibility to change or cancel the airfare through an agent rate vs leaving it to chance if cancellations are in order.

Hotel and Overnight Accommodations

Airbnb is slowly increasing revenue and coming back from hibernation, as are hotels. If you plan on booking a home stay ask all the right questions before you book! Who is the cleaner, what cleaning supplies are used, when was the last booking, do you screen in advance for illness? Keep it all in the chat box so you can reference in the future. Hotel booking can be more comforting to reserve as chains and corporations have more to be liable for and will be able to accommodate all your questions and sanitary needs. If you book a hotel make sure you understand the cancellation policy, ask for a corner room, and if possible see if there is 72 hours of space between room bookings. Using a travel agent will help secure better rates and perks as hotel chains are working closely with the travel industry to get both parties back in business!

Car or RV Rentals

These organizations are struggling so you can find some pretty great deals on a rental if you don’t want to put the miles and liability on your own car. Gas is also ridiculously cheap so it may make sense to test out a new vehicle or take a spin in a convertible or special sports car you never upgrade to. This is the time to play!

Activities and Local Tours

Before you settle into an area location check out the activities you can participate in in advance. Call restaurants, boat rentals, tours, parks, bars and make sure they are open on the days you are arriving! Information online is extremely unreliable so talk to someone and get their name so you can get a little extra attention on arrival to make your time on your trip extra relaxed and enjoyable. Ask them on what site or where you can make a recommendation after your visit. The small business will appreciate you well before you arrive and you never know what bonus perks you’ll get on arrival!

Happy Safe Travels! xo


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