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Travel Agent Myths Solved

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Since starting up TBL Trips, I’ve run into several myths about working with travel agents and agency operating principles. Let’s clear some up!

1. I can barely afford a vacation, how can I afford you?

---- > 99% of the time, you are paying less than booking on your own even with fees! < ---

It is my mission to save you more cash than booking a trip by yourself, seriously. It’s like using a broker to rent a house. The costs are with the suppler who holds the keys. Unless you are using a travel agency to solely book a large number of flights, or you have an intricate itinerary and fees are discussed up front, agents make a bulk of their service fees not from you the client but from commissions coming directly from the vendor net costs.

2. It is all available for me to purchase online, what do I really need you for?

YouTube tutorials are all online, (for real learned to change oil after watching a video.)

Yes you don’t need me but you won’t want to live without me once you start taking the headache of Xfinity blackouts, slow load times, endless options for bookings and the need to find the “perfect” option balancing affordability, distance, ease of sightseeing, and time-management. Travel agents are your experts and makes your lists of pro’s and con’s a reality. We sort through the messy options, fleeting “special deals”, and make the decisions for you.

3. But you won’t get my travel style, I trust myself to plan..

I don’t trust your cooking, but I’ll still come over for your dinner party. Kidding. But experts are experts for a reason. There is a whole network of travel professionals leaning on one another and guiding each to ensure each traveler style, preferences and mojo are fulfilled on vacation.

4. I’d love to work with you but I only travel for work.

I would love to eventually change that. Work travel is certainly not always glamorous and not every organization has a travel agent on hand. So why are you spending an hour researching flights, hotels under the “allowance” and paying super surge prices for ride-shares? It may not be as fun to plan, but travel agents have access to special rates like free wi-fi and bfast (which is the best during business trips!) Agency discounted car service rates tend to be more affordable at mid-week prices as well.

Any other burning questions? Just ask! Thanks for reading.


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