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Hold my beer, who said skip the happy hour?

Organizations spend thousands each year on local team building, impromptu happy hours, team lunches, networking events, you name it in order to enhance collaboration and strengthen communication within an office, especially with the increase of remote workers. However, not everyone can attend (nor truly want to attend,) a majority of these types of last minute unplanned outings. Work distractions and fire-drills, consequently cut lunches, dinners and drink plans short. Research published in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (2011) finds that “that positive practices do, in fact, predict organizational performance.” The key take-away is a positive plan that everyone in the organization or department who works together can attend and find value in.

Instead of spreading out office budgets through the year, a team retreat focusing on mental health and awareness is a great beneficial way to improve collaboration, think strategically, and improve employee dynamics, by clearing the clutter of technology and the never-ending to-do list at hand. The best way to get people out of their day to day business mind-set and thinking more strategically is not just away from the office at the pub down the street but to a secluded location, out of city, state or best a global location, where commitment and planning take precedence in order to achieve business goals and outcomes successfully.

At TBL Trips, we suggest the following practices when planning your next company retreat:

1. Set a business goal and agenda

2. Decide who attends and timing

3. Decide if local, national or outside country but make sure it is off the beaten-path or in the off-season to save $$

4. Cater events to all personality types (beer yoga anyone?)

5. Make sure to leave room for down-time

6. Partner with travel specialist to help negotiate group rates

7. Plan a debrief to celebrate and share with those who did not attend

Good luck planning your next retreat! It is proven to improve business performance and you get to have a little fun along the way. For Business Wellness Retreat planning contact


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